an Amazing Property - abundant water, improved pastures, irrigation...


Tallawalah & Jabiru Springs are located inland of Clairview at the gateway to the tropics on the Central Queensland Coast 200kms north of Rockhampton and 140kms south of Mackay.

It is here that the Bruce Highway meets the Coral Sea for the first of only three places along the entire Queensland Coast. This location provides reliable all weather access to meat processors and live export markets.

The combined area of Tallawalah and Jabiru Springs is 8,797 hectares (21,734 acres).

Both properties benefit from good and reliable rainfall. The average annual rainfall at the homestead since 1990 has been in excess of 1,100mm (44 inches) with significantly larger falls in the rainforest at the northern end of the valley. In the past 3 years, rainfall has been in excess of 2000mm. The Rainfall History Graph details 25 years rainfall history.

Clairview Creek forms up in the Tallawalah rainforest along the escarpment of the Connors Range and winds through the property for a distance of 18kms. The creek runs all year and maintains significant large permanent waterholes throughout the year.

Two irrigation licences are attached to the properties. An irrigation proposal for the Woodlands and Yakapanni paddocks has been prepared for either pivot or lateral distribution for the production of silage.

The present combined carrying capacity of Tallawalah and Jabiru Springs varies seasonally between 3,000 and 3,700 AE’s.

The properties are to auctioned initially combined as one lot.  Should a sale not be concluded for the combined lot then they will be offered individually.


  • From CLAIRVIEW township by the sea proceed S for 8.5 kms and cross CLAIRVIEW CREEK on the highway.
  • Proceed South 500 metres. Spring Valley Road is on your Right as you go up the rise.
  • On the Right there is a large white sign “Clairview”.
  • Be careful on the turn as it is close to the top of the rise.
  • Take the lower gravel road for safety.
  • Enter Spring Valley Road at “Clairview Station” and proceed 3 klms to the second grid/gate “Jabiru Springs”


  • From Rockhampton proceed north to Marlborough
  • From Marlborough continue North 69.5 klms to Waverley Creek Main Roads Rest Area on your Right
  • Continue North 7.5 klms to the St Lawrence / Croydon Cross Roads
  • Continue North 6.9 klms to St Lawrence Creek
  • Continue North 400 metres to Wran Creek
  • Continue North 800 metres to Spring Valley Road on your Left . The road is on the Left as you go North.  The sign is on the Right
  • You can get to Tallawalah from this end of Spring Valley Road which is gravel
  • It is now 13.2 klms to the front gate of Tallawalah and Jabiru Springs


Tallawalah and Jabiru Springs have been cleared sensitively and sown with improved high yielding tropical pastures of Pangola, Seteria, Signal Grass, Callide Rhodes and Green Panic along with native grasses which are predominately Black Spear in some pastures.

Verano, Burgundy Bean, Seratro, Wynn Cassia and other suitable legumes have also been planted in abundance to improve the pasture quality.

Molasses and pre-mixed liquid supplements are really available from Sarina at economical prices. Ten (10) 25,000 litre liquid supplement tanks support 20 paddocks.

For the past 24 years the average annual rainfall has been increasing. The red line shows the linear trend. The seasonal graph demonstrates year round rain events. rainfall seasonal
The Property is blessed by the occupation of distinctive fauna. Apart from Kangaroos and Wallabies of many types, along with Magpies, Butcher Birds, Storm Birds, Wedge-tail Eagles, Parrots and Grass Birds we are constantly delighted by the company of many other wonderful animals including:



King Salmon

Triple Tail




Ring-tailed Possum

BIRDS Australian Bustard, Azure Kingfisher, Barking Owl, Black-necked Stork, Brahminy Kite, Brolga, Emu, Magpie Goose, Pale-headed Rosella, Black-Cockatoo, Yellow-billed Spoonbill, Sacred Kingfisher,